Energy series

DRAGONE introduces its 100% electric range for vineyards and orchards.

The new “-E”electrical equipment, without PTO shaft and gear box, is powered by the voltage socket of the tractor machine. The new technology applied to DRAGONE equipment, together with the 4.0 monitoring technology, guarantees greater efficiency by reducing management costs, promoting the environmental impact and improving the work performance. DRAGONE has designed the electrical equipment for its entire range of SHREDDERS and SPRAYERS, adaptable to every need or electric tractor, in order to 100% cover the work in vineyards and in orchards.

Shredder MTX-E with the shell entirely in HARDOX, reinforced rotor and enlarged roller, that allows the processing of medium-sized branches on stony grounds. The electric motor allows to keep the rotation of the rotor constant, facilitating a more effective work in every situation and optimizing the performance on the job. The lateral displacement of shredder, considerably higher thanks to the absence of the mechanical transmission, can be managed according to the equipment of the tractor, that is by means of a dedicated jack or actuator.

The straddle sprayer MARCEL-E, adaptable to carried and trailed tanks, studied together with the University of Turin – DISAFA, and Winner of the Eima 2022 Technical Innovation Award, is fully electrically managed in all its specifications: handling, air flow and management of the water flow. The drops are equipped with a patented air distribution system, with drone fans, guaranteeing directionality by keeping it on target, facilitating the control of the flow of pesticides by minimizing drift.

Sprayers category, TAV-E, ATHOS-E, K-E, DOUBLE FAN-E, with new capacity tank of 300/400/500/600LT or trailed tank of 600/800/1000/1500/2000LT, it is equipped with a fan unit combined with the frame of the barrel or separate front to the tractor in order to facilitate the replacement of the fan unit according to the work to be carried out in the vineyard or orchard. Depending on the configuration, the atomizer is equipped with a double independent electric motor that modulates the management of air and water, promoting the control and measurement of the drift of the product on the vegetation.

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