Sprayers and shredders, agricultural machines for all types of crops


Category: Sprayers
Uses: Vineyard, orchard, hazelnut grove
Size: 200 to 600 lt



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Sprayer for vineyards, orchards and hazelnuts with axial fan with front or rear suction

ATHOS PORTATO front suction

ATHOS PORTATO rear suction

Standard equipment

– hot galvanized frame
– polyethylene tank for product
– handwash tank
– circuit wash tank
– pump from 70 to 100 lt / min
– single speed or two speed multiplier
– tank filling kit
– control unit kit with pressure regulator


– powder mixer and can washer
– tank washer roller
– bottle loader kit with hydroejector
– self-cleaning filters
– light kit
– pump with bronze heads
– increased pump
– reinforced wheels kit
– electric control unit
– kit agriculture 4.0 (computer bravo 180)

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