Dragone SRL

The society DRAGONE works hard to improve every year its products in the sphere of the agricultural mechanisation.

The excellent results are guaranteed by the meticulousness of the company’s employees and by the precious collaboration of external experts who provide considerable ideas and advice.
The advice and suggestions coming directly from the final users of the product combined with the collaboration with other leading companies in the agricultural mechanical sector and the many machines resulting from tests and studies conducted by the mechanics section of the DEIAFA of the University of Turin, allow us to reach the our main objective, which consists in offering interested parties innovative products with increasingly high level technological contents.
Every effort deserves to be recognized and rewarded for continuing to work with ever greater momentum and in this regard we communicate that we have received recognition at the Sitevi 2001 Palmarès de l’Innovation with our y AL sprayer for sloping terrain.
In 2005 we also received the Eima 2005 technical innovation award for the GB1 steering drawbar.


Quality together with research is our policy to exceed the needs and expectations of our customers and to align the activities of all staff with the common goal of customer satisfaction through the continuous improvement of the quality of our products, services and technical support.

ISO certification

Dragone is an ISO9001: 2015 certified company

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The DRAGONE team was created with qualified and motivated people to achieve the goal through continuous research and innovation guaranteed by the company's experience.


The DRAGONE company, which has been operating in the agricultural machinery sector for years, designs, manufactures and markets sprayers and shredders for all types of crops.

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