Sprayers and shredders, agricultural machines for all types of crops


Category: Shredder
Uses: vineyard - orchard - hazel
Size: Medium



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Shredder with hardox case, reinforced rotor and transmission, rear roller d200 suitable for cutting grass, pruning residues and medium-sized twigs suitable for stony ground.

Standard equipment

– adjustable rear roller with profile scraper
– accident prevention protections
– front bulkheads
– gearbox with free wheel (540 rpm)
– knives or hammers
– molded counter-knife
– rounded right side without protruding


– front attack
– reversible attack
– double stamped counter-knife
– drive flange kit with hydraulic motor
– hydraulic displacement
– sledges
– pvc front bulkhead
– chains to replace the bulkheads
– adjustable iron wheels
– cr16 predisposition (mtx only)

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